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Stan Plan

Stan’s Plan: No Fare for Clean Air


Salt Lake City’s air is among the worst in the nation, “earning” an F from the American Lung Association.

Despite being told it was too expensive and couldn’t be done, I worked with community partners to create the first-ever “Free Fare Friday” in 2017. Ridership jumped 26% in a single day.

Eliminating transit fares is a no-brainer.

Let’s provide every Salt Lake City resident with a no-cost Hive Pass for UTA. Eliminating the fare barrier will increase ridership, improve our air quality, and make it easier to go where you need to go.

No Fare for Clean Air – that’s the Stan Plan.

Stan’s Plan: Net Zero Inland Port


In its current form, it is an environmental disaster – one that disproportionally harms residents on the West Side of Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City deserves a Mayor who is a leader, one willing to join with the Council and others in a strong, unified force to stand up to outside interests looking for short-term financial gain.

We need to present a vision for what an inland port can and should look like. I refuse to invest taxpayer dollars in a Port that is based on technology and practices of 25 years ago. We need smart, clean development throughout in the Northwest Quadrant, and throughout the City, that meets our needs today and 25 years from now.

My vision is to build a net-zero port – the most environmentally-conscious Inland Port in the world. It will produce its own clean energy, uses a fleet of electric vehicles, and creates high-quality, well-paying jobs for City residents. I will also advocate that the port never ships a single lump of coal. Ever.

A net-zero Inland Port will ensure Salt Lake City meets its goal of being carbon-free by 2023.

A net-zero Inland Port – that’s the Stan Plan.

Stan’s Plan: 10,000 doors & Housing First


Salt Lake City finds itself short 7,500 units of affordable housing, leading to our current housing and homelessness crisis. Rents have increased 50% since 2010 and people are being forced to the suburbs or the streets.

Affordable housing is one of the most challenging issues of our time and requires a much greater commitment from governments at all levels.

As Mayor, I will make housing and homelessness a top priority. I have an ambitious goal of adding 10,000 affordable housing units by 2025.

I will embrace common-sense ideas like the housing first approach. It’s a simple concept gives people a roof over their heads. Once they have housing security, we can surround them with the critical services necessary to stay in housing.

10,000 doors by 2025 and Housing First – that’s the Stan Plan.

Stan’s Plan: Connecting Us All


Salt Lake City benefits from great access to high-speed internet service connecting us to each other and the world.

But many Salt Lakers are left out, unable to tap into the online educational, employment and economic opportunities many of us take for granted.

Cost, lack of awareness, lack of access, and language are all barriers we must tear down to level the digital playing field. Access was something I effectively advocated for when we built the new Marmalade and Glendale libraries.

My “Connecting Us All” plan will provide tech “hotspots” in every neighborhood so we all have access to computers, smartphones, and the internet. It’s about fairness and equal access for everyone.

“Connecting Us All” – that’s the Stan Plan

Stan’s Plan: Neighborhood Grants


The fact is people are passionate about where they live. Ask any Salt Laker where they are from and they’re likely to enthusiastically identify the neighborhood where they reside.

This is why we need to take a neighborhood-by-neighborhood approach to build a City where we are proud to live, work, and play.

I’m Stan Penfold, and here is my plan to preserve and enhance the unique feel of every neighborhood in Salt Lake City.

I want to create a 2 million dollar neighborhood grants program that gives residents the ability to better promote the character of the neighborhood they call home. These funds could be used for public art programs, community gardens, historic street signs – the sky is the limit.

Neighborhood Grants – that’s the Stan Plan.

Stan’s Plan: Leadership


The fact is we need a Mayor at the table advocating for the City’s interests.

I’m Stan Penfold, and I have a plan to lead Salt Lake City forward.

Through my experience in leadership on the City Council, two decades of managing a non-profit, and a foundation in neighborhood activism, I’ve nurtured the relationships necessary to bring people of diverse backgrounds together to achieve common goals.

That’s how we passed the first “Free Fare Friday”.

That’s how we built the Eccles Theater and new Marmalade and Glendale libraries.

And, that’s how we renamed 900 South to honor civil rights leader Harvey Milk.

Leadership isn’t easy. It takes vision, skill, patience, empathy, boldness, and awareness of oneself and others. It takes the Stan Plan.

I’m Stan Penfold and I’m running to be your next Mayor, and I’d love to have your vote.